Mobile Device Camera

Are you investigating interactions between users and a mobile device? Our specially developed Mobile Device Camera (MDC) is what you need. Just attach it to the mobile device and start filming. It records your user's interaction in HD. Our MDC is compatible with The Observer® XT, creating a powerful system for Human-Factors research on mobile devices.

  • Capture interaction of users and mobile devices.
  • Test under natural conditions.
  • Combine videos and other sources with The Observer XT.


  • Close-up video of mobile device.
  • Adjustable to device’s size and shape for tablets too.
  • Stable HD image.
  • Lightweight.
  • Synchronized overview video recordings

Fit the design to your observations

It is more important than ever to know how users operate a mobile device. The mobile device market contines to show enormous growth. Most people today have at least one cell phone and a remote control. Other devices, like iPads, MP3-players and navigation systems, are rapidly penetrating the global market. Designing them is a challenge. They are small, have few controls, and often contain a dazzling number of functions. With our Mobile Device Camera you can easily study how they are operated in real life situations, and use the results for the ultimate design.

Understanding the user

Efficient design starts with understanding the user. Understanding begins with observation. But how do you observe interaction with a small device that is carried around? The Mobile Device Camera was created to do just that. It is a small camera you can easily mount on the device. It captures key strokes, but also the way the user works with the device, the way it is held, and the user's comments.

Fit on a wide variety of devices 

The MDC is designed to make HD recordings of a wide variety of devices including iPads and Android tablets. The lightweight and sturdy frame provides a stable camera image, even during swift movements. You can adjust camera distance and angle to match the size of the device.

Complete kit

The Mobile Device Camera comes as a complete kit, ready for operation. It can be used in a portable lab, an observation lab, a usability lab, or as a stand-alone solution. The complete kit consists of:

  • A camera with mobile device holder.
  • Case.
  • 5m USB cable.
  • Carrying case for storage and easy transport.

Add Media Recorder to your complete kit as the recording software.