Lab software

Controlled conditions and accurate data recording are key factors that contribute to success. That is why many researchers choose to work in a high-tech Research Lab from Noldus.

Lab software

Noldus systems are designed to offer you enhanced quality and increased productivity. Our labs are completely customizable. Designed by you, built by us!

At the core of a Research Lab are video recording software, facial expression analysis software, and professional data integration and analysis software.

From portable and stationary labs for observation and analysis of human behavior to high-tech turn-key usability labs: Noldus can deliver it. Complete integrated labs; designed with you and built by us.

  • High-tech and customized turn-key labs

  • Superior behavior recording and analysis

  • From complete labs to compact portable labs for on-site research


Multi-room video and audio recording in perfect sync

With Viso® you can create and synchronize high-definition audio and video recordings from multiple rooms at once. This user-friendly software tool is the perfect recording solution for any lab, including training, simulation, and/or therapy rooms. Viso allows for in sync audio and video recording from up to four cameras per room, immediate debriefing, and video playback.

Benefit from the combination of Viso and The Observer® XT. Markers, comments, videos, and audio can easily be imported into The Observer XT for analysis, visualization, and presentation. In this way you can turn qualitative data into quantitative results.


Professional data integration and analysis software

Our labs are completely integrated. To manage all data The Observer XT software is the perfect solution. Due to its excellent integration features, we can arrange labs in such a way that all your devices work perfectly together. 

The Observer XT allows you to make synchronous multimodal recordings of screen captures, video, audio, mouse clicks, key presses, eye movements, physiological measurements, and more.

With The Observer XT software you can analyze your video material offline, or make live data recordings of tasks, comments and usability issues.

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Facial expression and emotion analysis

Combine observational data with automatic recordings of FaceReader™. It is the complete facial expressions analysis software, which enables you to automatically analyze facial expressions: happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, and angry, as well as neutral and contempt. The software immediately analyzes your data, saving valuable time. 


Video recording technology

MediaRecorder allows you to record video from multiple cameras and make screen recordings. It is compatible with a broad range of high-quality digital cameras based on today’s technologies, as well as analog systems. Videos from four cameras can be combined into one file, so you can inspect your entire setup in one view.

It is also possible to display up to three small video images in one main video image (Picture in Picture). You can choose the position and size of the embedded video images within the primary video display.

Lab software

Customer quote

"Having the videos directly linked to The Observer XT via Media Recorder along with custom data imported directly into the program, saved us so much time and effort. Most importantly however, the level of support and service has been invaluable and definitely a key point of difference for a product in this space (especially for research which requires various customization)."

Dr. Nicky Kim-McCormack|Australian National University, Canberra, Australia


"The most common reaction I get is: It’s very precise."

The Social Media Lab at the University of Louvain uses Noldus' software to integrate different data streams and set up experiments. This unique lab brings together researchers, students, professionals, and professors from different disciplines (communication, marketing, journalism, computer science, etc.).

Watch the video to learn more about why Tiffany Andry and the Social Media Lab choose Noldus' tools.