1. High tech and customizable

    With many years' of experience building labs all over the world, Noldus will create the perfect lab for you, perfectly adjusted to your research needs.

  2. Ultimate data integration

    Our labs are fully integrated with powerful software suites and several mechanisms to synchronize your behavioral data; external data, such as heart rate; and video files.

  3. Superior behavior recording and analysis

    Thanks to our 30 years of experience with behavioral research you can be sure our tools and solutions provide for superior behavior recording and analysis.

    Aegon lab meeting men walking
  4. Controlled lab settings

    A Noldus lab allows for controlled laboratory conditions to ensure the quality and objectivity of your research.

  5. Synchronization is key

    Synchronization is the key to understanding behavior patterns. Our tools are easily operated and provide fully synchronized results.

  6. Organize all data streams

    With The Observer XT all of your data streams are organized in one clear overview. This ensures an efficient workflow during your research.

  7. Complete insight

    You get complete insight into the relationships between behavioral data and physiological responses because time information is continuously exchanged between The Observer XT, MediaRecorder, Viso, and various data acquisition systems of your choice.

    Usability Lab with FaceReader and Viso on monitors
  8. On-site labs

    Need to observe on-site behavior? With our compact portable labs you just bring your lab along!

  9. Support and training whenever you need it

    When choosing Noldus, you get more than just a product. Qualified integrators and technicians are ready to install your system on-site, and our trainers teach you how to use it to its full potential.


Customer quote

“The integration of FaceReader, The Observer XT, and psychophysiological data collection makes research programs possible at locations and within timetables that increase opportunity, quality, and efficiency.”

Dr. C. Barton|Davidson College, USA

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