Efficient UX data insights with Cube

CubeHX is a revolutionary new tool for UX research. This cloud-based software platform combines different types of behavioral data collected from usability and UX research in order to provide fast and rich insights to professionals developing websites, mobile apps, software user interfaces, advertisements, and other graphical designs.

Combining eye tracking, physiological measurements, and emotions

Eye tracking data collected during user experience tests is usually visualized into heat maps. Going beyond traditional gaze heat maps used in eye tracking, CubeHX captures the complete user experience. Thanks to the triangulation of facial expressions, physical reactions, and eye tracking data, CubeHX provides UX researchers and designers with unique insights on what generates emotion or cognitive load on their interface.

Why use CubeHX

With Cube you can easily triangulate data and get richer insights and visuals in less time.

Richer insights and visualizations with CubeHX

How do persons respond emotionally and/or physiologically when looking at your product? An eye tracker tells you what the user is looking at, how long, and in which order. It doesn’t tell you what the user experienced while making eye contact with a specific object, image, or text on the screen.

That’s where CubeHX comes in: using a patent pending data visualization tool, CubeHX provides rich visualizations of what users actually experience along the entire user journey. It gives you the emotional response of the user while looking at different screen areas, a heat map of facial or physiological responses associated with the points of gaze measured by the eye tracker.

Watch the movie below to learn more about how CubeHX works

From data collection to insightful results using CubeHX: Prof. Pierre-Majorique Léger tells about user experience research and how to measure users' interactions with technology.

Up to 6 times faster from tests to results

In the fast-changing world of UX, it is important that results are as international and diverse as possible. CubeHX is cloud-based lab management software, enabling companies with international offices to test locally, and aggregrate results centrally.

CubeHX works with existing lab infrastructure and combines data received from eye tracking, facial recognition, and physiological measures, in real time, to get the most accurate and comprehensive view as to how the end user is responding to the given product. 

CubeHX technological advances enable:

  • UX labs to perform up to 6 times more tests per year, while improving the quality of the data delivered.
  • Lower overall costs associated with user experience labs by delivering instant analysis metrics.
  • Unique data visualization output allows for a faster and more effective decision making process.
  • Seamless multi-site testing allowing for an efficient and immediate global assessment of your product.

About CubeHX

CubeHX was initiated by Prof. Pierre-Majorique Léger and his co-workers at HEC Montréal, the first established school of management in Canada, with the use of The Observer® XT and FaceReader™.

FaceReader is the first and most robust automated system for the recognition of a number of specific properties in facial images, including 6 basic or universal expressions, valence, arousal, and affective attitudes 'boredom', 'interest', and 'confusion'.

The Observer XT is the professional and user-friendly software package for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data, used around the world for the study of human behavior and human-product interaction.

Cube heatmaps

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