Set up your system

License structure

MediaRecorder now offers the additional possibility to use a digital software license key instead of a hardware key (USB dongle) to offer you maximum flexibility. To activate the software license key you need an internet connection. Upon activating you can choose between:

  • Fixed license - Use the software on a single designated computer. The license is connected to your computer and can be used without an internet connection.
  • Floating license - Install the software on any computer and use it where and when you want. For example, on the computer in your lab at work and the next day on your laptop at home. For the use of the software, the computers need to be connected to the internet.


Videos from different cameras can be combined into one file. Choose to have up to four camera inputs displayed in four equal quadrants (Picture-by-Picture, PbP) or to display up to three small video images in one main video image (Picture-in-Picture, PiP). 

Where you can record eight video streams, PiP and PbP is limited to four. PiP allows you to choose the position of the embedded video images within the primary video and then identify which image comes from which camera with a superimposed number on the camera image.

MediaRecorder rats in yellow objects

Record rapidly occurring behaviors

In particular, when one is studying rapidly occurring behaviors, it is ideal to record videos and score them afterwards with The Observer XT. The playback functionality of The Observer XT allows you to play back the videos at a low speed, and score behaviors in greater detail.

The key to synchronization is integration. When you use MediaRecorder, you do not have to worry about the data synchronization, because MediaRecorder can record up to eight files in sync. Additionally, you can command MediaRecorder from another software program to start and stop recording. By controlling MediaRecorder from The Observer XT, for example, you can manage all your data with one application.


Fully integrated

Besides using MediaRecorder as a stand-alone tool, it can also be used in The Observer XT or in EthoVision XT. Special protocols can be defined to start and/or stop recording of a video file while scoring data in The Observer XT or video tracking in EthoVision XT is done.


Suitable cameras

Noldus tested popular camera types for example to record media files from video inputs for later use in The Observer XT or EthoVision XT. These cameras are indicated by their connection type: analog, USB, GigE, and IP.

  • 1-3 analog cameras + U4 H.264 encoding board
  • 1-2 Logitech Brio webcams
  • 1-8 IP cameras (Axis P5525, Axis P1375, Axis M1065)
  • 1 Basler USB camera (ac1920-155um)
  • 1 Basler USB camera (acA2040-90uc)
  • 1 -4 Basler GigE cameras (ac1300-60gm mono)

Complete solution

It is also possible to create your own solution or ask Noldus to assist you with designing the entire lab set-up as there are always numerous technological issues to consider.