Set up your system


When studying interactions from several different angles, it’s helpful to see what your participants are looking at. Videos from four cameras can be combined into one file, so you can inspect your entire setup in one view. It is also possible to display up to three small video images in one main video image (Picture in Picture). You can choose the position and size of the embedded video images within the primary video display.

MediaRecorder man with laptop

Record rapidly occuring behaviors

When you are studying rapidly occurring behaviors, it is ideal to record videos and code them afterwards with The Observer XT; the playback functionality of The Observer XT allows you to play back the videos at a low speed, and code behaviors in greater detail. With special cameras, you can even record up to 100 video frames per second. So you can record fast movements accurately; for example, for sports research.


Complete solution

It is also possible to create your own solution or ask Noldus to assist you with designing the entire lab set-up as there are so many possibilities to consider. MediaRecorder is available as a 4, 6, or 8 recording solution. Record up to four high quality videos simultaneously or, for larger observation labs, extend this number to eight. The choice is yours!