Introducing NoldusHub, the all-in-one research tool for human behavior studies

Introducing NoldusHub, the all-in-one research tool for human behavior studies

January 26, 2023

Noldus Information Technology has released NoldusHub, a brand-new all-in-one research system for human behavior studies. This software tool will streamline multimodal research from start to finish, providing high-quality data, better understanding of, and insights into human behavior. 

As a leading developer with over 30 years’ experience, Noldus Information Technology uses the latest technologies to develop cutting-edge tools for science and practice. These allow customers to measure a wealth of modalities, from behavior and physiology to emotion, cognition, and user experience.

Customer quote

“I am very pleased to welcome NoldusHub as a new member of our product family for human behavior research. It addresses an urgent need of scientists who need a versatile tool for multimodal research that is powerful yet easy to use.”

Lucas Noldus (CEO)|Noldus Information Technology, The Netherlands

About NoldusHub

The design of NoldusHub follows from our mission to advance human behavior research, and help scientists to overcome any technical challenges along the way. Combining multiple types of measurements can be demanding, especially when using acquisition tools from different manufacturers that have to be calibrated, started, and synchronized.

Welcome to NoldusHub

From setting up your equipment to connecting all devices, from recording to visualizing in a clear way, NoldusHub makes multimodal research easy. The system collects data from a webcam, eye tracker, and physiological devices, resulting in the synchronization of a variety of signals and behavioral input. From ECG, and EDA, to PPG, NoldusHub can measure it.

Your data in a heartbeat

And NoldusHub does not stop after acquisition. Based on the experimental data gathered, NoldusHub creates valuable insights, both during and after data collection. For example: we have integrated FaceReader, for trustworthy facial expression recognition and analysis.

Unique to NoldusHub is its ability to run multiple experiments at once. The system heartbeat of NoldusHub monitors the status of all connected devices in real-time. If anything is amiss, a notification will be sent during the session so any issues can be addressed right away. No surprises afterwards, but an immediate warning if an issue arises.

Data regulation and security

NoldusHub is a browser-based solution that makes working with big datasets easy, anywhere, on any computer. All communication with NoldusHub is encrypted using HTTPS. Video and audio are streamed over a secured network; and data is locally stored on video servers in the NoldusHub network under the control of the security procedures of the user’s network. NoldusHub offers the user full access to all the data gathered. If it is recorded, it’s accessible.  

During recording and analysis afterwards, NoldusHub creates useful insights based on the experimental data. Visuals and findings can easily be shared with clients, participants, or stakeholders. It is built on a modern technology stack, making it secure, stable, flexible and simple to maintain and expand in the future. 

NoldusHub is under continuous development, based on market and user feedback. Are you curious to find out how NoldusHub works? Visit for more information. Or contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions, or give a demonstration of NoldusHub so you can see it in action.

About Noldus

Noldus Information Technology offers a wide range of solutions for research in human and animal domains, including biology, psychology, marketing, human factors, and healthcare. We work with leading suppliers and develop innovative, state-of-the art products. As a result, our systems are used by over 60,000 users at more than 12,000 universities, research institutes, and companies around the globe.

As a global professional IT company, Noldus complies with the governing laws presiding over our customers for data protection. Noldus Information Technology BV has achieved ISO 27001 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS). Compliance with ISO 27001 demonstrates that Noldus uses internationally recognized processes and best practices to manage its internal information infrastructure and systems that support and deliver its services to customers and partners.