Noldus pellet dispenser

The pellet dispenser is an indispensable tool in reinforced-based conditionings tasks. The Noldus pellet dispenser has been developed and tested in scope of the Neuro-Bsik consortium in conjunction with PhenoTyper home cages. The Noldus pellet dispenser delivers 20mg food pellets upon command and subsequently provides feedback when the pellet is dropped or when the pellet silo is empty. The Noldus pellet dispenser can be connected to the Noldus USB-IO box and is fully compatible with EthoVision XT’s new Trial & Hardware Control Module to execute the most sophisticated and interactive test protocols that involve the reinforcement of specific behaviors.


Product code PTPD-0010
Power requirements18..26VDC
Current consumptionstandby 30mA, active during drop 250 mA
Manual Controlssingle button, multifunction
Remote ControlTTL input
Connector RJ45 8 pin modular
Inputoptical isolated TTL logic 5Volt
Outputopen collector type
Dimensionsheight = 20cm (7.9”)
 base diameter = 10cm (3.9”)
 silo diameter = 7,5cm (3”)
Weight1200 gram
Cable to USB-IO boxRJ45 modular (grey) 200cm (78.7”)
Pellets 20mg, 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm (0.13” x 0.1”)

CE compliant in accordance with EMC directive 2004/108/EC