Hardware set-up and installation

Capturing human-machine interaction can be a challenging task. Multiple forms of data can be collected, from user actions on the computer and eye movements to physiological and simulator data. Performing Human Factors research requires a well-equipped lab and specialized knowledge. We can help you at every stage of your research process, from the set up of your lab to the interpretation of the results. 

Sophisticated, turn-key labs

We design labs tailored to meet your research needs. When running experiments and observations, you don't want to waste valuable time setting up and controlling your hardware and software. In a Noldus Usability Lab all equipment is fully integrated, allowing you to operate the equipment and make recordings on one central computer in the control room, while an intercom enables you to communicate with test participants sitting in the observation room.

Stable and robust equipment

Good image quality, high quality video recordings, and clear recordings of speech and other sounds make all the difference in your research results. In a Noldus lab, you can benefit from the most up-to-date hardware components and equipment. Moreover, all cables, cameras, and microphones are hidden in the walls and ceilings allowing your test participants to behave in the most natural way.

Designed with you, built by us

See the image for an example floor plan of a fixed Usability Lab. On the left side is the control room. It contains multiple monitors for camera images, an audio-visual system, a push microphone, and a speaker. A large plasma screen allows multiple people to watch. On the right side is the observation room. It is equipped with dome cameras, microphones, and an intercom. On the desk there is a test computer. A camera, a microphone, a Screen Capture Device, a Data AcQuisition system and eye tracker capture the test participant’s activities. The Observer® XT controls and synchronizes the equipment, and integrates video and data. The test leader records tasks, user behavior, and other events. MediaRecorder allows you to record video from multiple cameras and capture computer screens.