New in EthoVision XT 15

The new features in version 15 of EthoVision XT are mainly focused on making things more convenient and easy to work with. Small changes that make a big impact. We fine-tuned the heatmaps, for example, to make them better suited for use in publications. We also added the support for webcams and improved the tutorials. 

Heatmaps for publications

Heatmaps offer an intuitive way to present your data. It visualizes how the animal (or animals) spent its time during the trials. This way, specific typical behavior, such as exploration vs thigmotaxis, is easily spotted.

Heatmaps are a highly appreciated feature of EthoVision XT, as many of our customers tell us. You like how it’s easy to adjust the colors and intensity and export heatmaps at high resolution. The only thing missing for many was a scale with the minimum and maximum value, which is required for publication by many journals. So we updated the heatmap-functionality accordingly.

EthoVision XT heatmaps

Using webcams in EthoVision XT

Let’s be honest: the quality of your video is an essential part of accurate tracking results. However, not every experiment needs super high resolution. EthoVision XT now supports webcams for  experiments that do not require high processor load, such as tracking one animal. We have tested and approved this solution for the Microsoft Lifecam Studio and the Logitech Brio.


Did you know we have linked short video tutorials throughout the EthoVision XT program? This way, help is right there where and when you need it. We have now added subtitles to the video tutorial, convenient if you don’t have access to speakers or headphones.

We also added a new tutorial on things to take into account when using automatic behavior recognition.