DanioVision Toplight Unit

Some studies require lighting from a more ‘natural position’ of light. For example, some animals experience conflicts in their innate orientation systems, when exposed to light from beneath. Lighting from above is also essential in some photobiology studies*. For these purposes, the Toplight Unit was designed.

DanioVision Toplight unit

Zebrafish see color and are influenced by color

Recent studies have shown that zebrafish are able to discriminate between different colors, and that wavelength and color influence their development, growth, and survival. These findings provide opportunities to test learning, memory, anxiety, and more.

Read more about color discrimination in zebrafish studies here

In this video you can see the Toplight Unit in action!

Colored and white light from above in the Observation Chamber

The DanioVision Toplight Unit has a multifunctional design: one side consists of white LEDs, while the other side contains red, green, and blue LEDs. You can set the intensity of the white light to a maximum of 30,000 lux.

Automatic control of your equipment

Besides being able to continuously run the Toplight unit, it can also be easily programmed and controlled based on timing or animal behavior using EthoVision XT

Combine different stimuli

You can combine the DanioVision Toplight Unit with other add-ons, such as the Tapping Device.

*Information kindly provided by Kristin Tessmar-Raible from the Max. F. Perutz Laboratories/ University of Vienna, Research Platform Rhythms of Life, Vienna Biocenter, Austria.