Behind the scenes of the Behavioural Lab at London School of Economics

LSE behavioral lab

At the London School of Economics (LSE), the Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research is used to examine behaviour in various fields, such as team dynamics, leadership, decision making, creativity, consumer choice, incentives, and behavioural game theory.  The lab recently underwent a refurbishment, and is now jointly run by the Department of Management and Psychological and Behavioural Science department, in order to meet the needs of the large interdisciplinary community within behavioural science. 

In this webinar, they invite you to view their lab and discover all the possibilities for researchers and how they apply Noldus tools, such as Viso.

Date | 22 April 2021

Time | 4pm CEST / 10am EDT


LSE Behavioural Lab for research

Opening of the webinar by Lucas Noldus

Lucas Noldus is the founder and CEO of Noldus Information Technology and will start this webinar with an introductory talk. 

He holds a M.Sc. degree in behavioral biology from Leiden University (1983) and a Ph.D. in behavioral ecology from Wageningen University (1989). In 2019 he was appointed part-time professor in Behavior, Information Technology and Innovation at Radboud University, Nijmegen. 

He has (co)authored more than 140 papers and conference presentations about methods and techniques in behavioral research. Besides his corporate and academic work, Lucas serves on a range of boards and committees related to science, innovation and sustainability.

Lucas Noldus

Sean Rooney and Rebecca Bianchi

Presenters of the Behavioral Lab LSE

Sean Rooney has an MRes in Research methods in Psychology and has several years' experience supporting and facilitating research in Sports Science, Psychology and Behavioural Science.

Rebecca Bianchi has an MSc and BSc in Psychology and has worked in several behaviour focused research labs.



The Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research is a purpose-built laboratory designed to study human behaviour in a controlled environment, based in central London. The lab provides participant management and access to its facilities and various software, available for researchers' use both LSE and external. We will be presenting on what the lab has to offer and how researchers can go about using the lab to conduct behavioural research.



22nd April 2021
Virtual meeting