Innovative Methodologies for Consumer Behavior Research

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In this webinar we highlight the recent innovations in consumer behavior research, with special attention to the methodologies employed for the study of sensory perception. It will combine theoretical approaches with practical applications to the study of consumer behavior and is intended for researchers from academia and industry alike.

Come listen to our approaches, get a taste of what we do, and see what we have to offer!

Date | 9 December 2020

Time session 1 | 4 pm (CET) / 10 am (EST)

Time session 2 | 4 pm (EST) / 10 am (CET)





The traditional methods for uncovering usage patterns, feelings, or attitudes are to use a focus group or survey data. These methods have merit and serve a useful purpose; however, it is known that the drivers of behavioral action are often unknown to the one performing the action. Attitudes, feelings, and motivations are System 1 properties, whereas declarative knowledge is solely a job for System 2. The key, therefore, is to uncover the revealed data through direct observation.

Today’s technology can record willing respondents with minimal invasion; in some cases respondents can even record themselves with their own smartphones. As such, one can assess facial expressions, see what the participant sees via eye-tracking, monitor spatial behaviors, measure respondents’ physiology, and/or annotate actions of interest from recording videos or in a live setting.


Presenter Jason Rogers, Ph.D.

Jason received his doctorate from the University of Utah in 2005 in the Department of Psychology. He spent two years at the Medical University of South Carolina working on translational models of drug relapse. In 2008, he joined Noldus as a trainer and product specialist. He also spent time as a Consultant with Nielsen Neurofocus and Science Officer with Brandtrust before returning to Noldus in 2013 as Midwestern Account Manager, Lead Consultant, and now Senior Research Scientist. 

He has completed hundreds of product trainings, lectures, and webinars around the globe, in addition to creating solutions for Xerox, General Motors, Glaxo-Smith Kline, Amgen, Harley Davidson, Eli Lilly, Coca Cola, Kellogg, and General Mills, among many others. 

A Hoosier by birth, Jason has a passion for travel, percussion, and woodworking. He also enjoys running, biking, brewing, and cheese mongering.

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9th December 2020
Virtual meeting