Simulation in healthcare - Medical Simulation Research

The healthcare industry is an ever-changing field that requires extensive skills and training for its professionals. Different disciplines work together to ensure high quality patient care, and they need to be prepared for the teamwork involved.

With Noldus solutions, you will gain the insight you need in processes, human performance, and communication, whether your objective is to answer a research question, provide high quality medical education, or assess team performance.

Realistic clinical scenarios in the simulation lab

Noldus helps you design the perfect training and simulation facility, each of which is customized according to the specific needs of the trainers and researchers. Two Noldus products, Viso and The Observer XT, are at the core of your lab.

Audio and video system

Viso® is the user-friendly software suite for audio and video recording, annotation, and quick debriefing. Video feedback is the key to objectively assess performance, particularly during team training sessions. Videos, including markers and comments, can be viewed both in real-time and after a session, from any location, allowing you to set up a debriefing session wherever you want.

Recording process simulation sessions

In Viso it is possible to record different scenarios that take place in sequence in multiple rooms as one composite session. Such a session can cover an unlimited number of rooms.

Watch this animation to learn how the composite session recording option works in a healthcare setting.

Research and analysis software

The Observer® XT is the most powerful software tool for behavioral observation and video analysis. Used by over 20,000 professionals all over the world, The Observer XT allows you to easily

  • Integrate and synchronize video, audio, and external data
  • Assess performance and communication live or from video
  • Analyze doctor-patient interaction
  • Calculate statistics
  • Give valuable feedback by presenting your results in video highlight clips

Combining Viso and The Observer XT

Interested in analyzing your training sessions in more detail? Benefit from the ease-of-use of Viso and  the extensive analysis options of The Observer XT. Markers, remarks, videos, and audio can easily be imported into The Observer XT for more detailed analysis, visualization, and presentation. In this way you can turn qualitative data into quantitative results.


Discover the benefits of Viso

Request a FREE demonstration to find out why Viso is the right tool for your training facility!

  • Get an extensive view of the software
  • See how you can seamlessly record from multiple rooms at once
  • Experience the easy-of-use yourself

Customer stories

View some of the labs we helped building, to get an example of the possibilities. Or read more about the experiences of our customers after downloading our free paper, and learn why and how Noldus' tools add value to your research, training, or education.

Extending your lab

A combination of physiological and behavioral data can provide you with essential information that will help you to further understand and explain your participants’ behaviors. A variety of additional data such as physiological data, eye tracking data, and more can easily be integrated into your custom Noldus solution.

With Viso at the core to centralize recordings, and The Observer XT providing an additional level of data synchronization and analysis that cannot be beaten, Noldus provides our clients with the most current technologies for medical simulation and debriefing.

Interesting publications

Diverse scientific articles citing Noldus products are published in renowned journals each week. The following list is only a small selection of scientific publications relevant to the research field of medical simulation. Several of these articles were used in our blog posts on medical simulation and doctor-patient interaction. Don’t want to miss new blog posts? Stay up-to-date and subscribe now! You will receive updates of new blogposts every month.