Noldus new Pearl of the Arnhem - Nijmegen - Wageningen region

25 November 2019

Noldus Information Technology is the new jewel in the region! On November 25, 2019, founder Lucas Noldus received the 3D-printed Pearl award from The Economic Board director Sigrid Helbig. Partner i3B, cluster organization of IT companies and knowledge institutes that deal with Brain, Body and Behavior, had nominated Noldus for this award.

“In thirty years, Noldus has become a leading player in the field of behavioral research. As an IT specialist, they contribute to improving human and animal welfare with data. A sparkling example of mission-driven innovations. The company cares about the region and is a great partner for the region in the field of artificial intelligence." said Sigrid Helbig.

Noldus Information Technology wins Pearl award

Noldus develops and delivers worldwide measurement and analysis systems for behavioral research. “We develop products that are of great value to society because, for example, they help discover new medicines, study medical diagnoses and therapies, or improve educational systems. Increasing animal welfare and improving the safety of working environments is also part of this." says founder Lucas Noldus.

The company delivers software, hardware and video systems around the world to set up advanced observation and usability labs. Customers are trained to work with the systems to do research themselves. In addition, Noldus provides consulting services for conducting research.


Noldus has more than 10,000 universities, government institutions and companies as its customers. Because the majority of these are located abroad, Noldus often works internationally. Over 95 percent of sales are made outside the Netherlands. According to their own words, this makes the company a ‘multinational in small’.

Although the company is active worldwide, it consciously chooses to keep its head office in Wageningen. Lucas Noldus: "We have a close relationship with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and other regional partners." Committed to the region, Noldus has joined the Wageningen Works Sustainable Foundation to help fulfill its ambition: a climate neutral, green, and circular work environment. Noldus was recently named the most energy-efficient company in Wageningen.

Dennis Gudden, alderman of the municipality of Wageningen, was also present at the ceremony. He said that the municipality of Wageningen is proud of Noldus and the fact that the company has been located in Wageningen for thirty years: “They do research into the interaction between humans and animals, and technology. How do we deal with this in the future in which technology plays an increasingly important role? How do we respond to this as humans and how do animals respond? How can we further improve and strengthen this in the future? That is what Noldus is about, with Headquarters in Wageningen, and we are extremely proud of that. ”

Fourteenth time

It is the fourteenth time that the Pearl award has been presented. The other Pearls were won by Coffee Roaster Peeze, TropIQ Health Science, Plant-e, KraftHeinz Company, ParkinsonNet, Allego, Stichting Diverzio, Slim Opwerk, Papendal Sports Center, Hygear, Food and Cognition, Von Gahlen and Barenbrug.

The Pearl award goes to companies and organizations that, according to The Economic Board, distinguish themselves by interesting innovations or by their proven business processes.

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