1. All-in-one platform

    With NoldusHub you have one place for data collection, integration, visualization, playback and annotation, storage, and access. The multi-modal platform is designed to streamline the process of combining multiple types of measurements from several acquisition tools at once, advancing your human behavior studies.

  2. Quick access and overview

    NoldusHub provides you with easy access to your projects and datastreams. The platform gives you one point of access, one point of control, and one visualization of all behavioral responses and recorded signals.  

  3. Stress-free with the system heartbeat

    When recording multiple data streams, how do you know everything is recording in sync? NoldusHub’s system heartbeat - also known as status monitoring - shows if all elements of the system are functioning properly, giving you full control of the recording from start to finish.

    Streamline the process of combining multiple types of measurements with NoldusHub
  4. No extensive training needed

    Whether you’re an experienced behavioral researcher or a first-time user: NoldusHub is the platform for everyone. Thanks to the intuitive design and streamlined processes, you don't need extensive training to use the platform.

  5. Saving time

    Scheduling several experiments in a busy lab is time consuming, and can be very complex. What if you can save time by collecting data from two participants at once? Unique to NoldusHub is its ability to run multiple experiments at the same time.

  6. Optimize data quality

    Thanks to the system heartbeat of NoldusHub, data collection goes much faster and more accurate. You know all systems are working while conducting your research and experiments, so you will have less drop-outs for lack of data.

  7. Discover trends and insights with data visualizations

    NoldusHub creates attractive and intuitive visuals for interactive data exploration. Unlock key insights and see patterns easily within big datasets, thanks to comprehensive visuals and graphs.

    people meeting red chairs laptops papers

    NoldusHub also makes it easy for you to share your visuals and findings with your clients, participants, or stakeholders in a compelling way.

  8. Futureproof

    NoldusHub is built on a modern technology stack, making it secure, stable, flexible and simple to maintain and expand. This browser-based solution enables working easily with big datasets. 

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