All the essentials for studying human behavior

NoldusHub is our newest multi-modal research tool, designed to streamline your research projects and testing. With NoldusHub you get one central solution for setting up your behavioral research projects.

Your data in a heartbeat

Automatic integration, synchronization & visualization of human behavior: it's possible within NoldusHub®. Record multiple behavioral modalities from one or two participants simultaneously, you choose: NoldusHub is truly scalable.

Discover how NoldusHub benefits your research, and why it is the best tool for you to use, now and in the future.

NoldusHub is the all-in-one research solution for human behavior studies. Streamline your multimodal research from start to finish and get high-quality data and insights into human behavior.

  • Simplifying multimodal research

  • Automated data collection and synchronization

  • Easy overview and access to projects and data streams

All-in-one research software

NoldusHub will solve all the research challenges that come with studying human behavior and measuring multiple modalities. It enables you to control, calibrate, and monitor all devices from one place, and start your recordings at once from the same location. Moreover, the visualization of all synchronized results show what you are looking for: insights.


NoldusHub Core

A standard NoldusHub solution consists of a NoldusHub Core: one participant station, and one test leader station. 

NoldusHub gives you one point of access, one point of control, and one visualization of all behavioral responses and recorded signals. Access your project in a safe way via the browser-based login and without installing applications on the test leader station.

NoldusHub testleader station

Multiple subjects

Scheduling several experiments in a busy lab is time consuming, and can be very complex. What if you can save time by collecting data from several participants at once? With NoldusHub you can record data from two participants at the same time.

A participant station connects to the NoldusHub system, and behavioral data from the subject is collected via connected hardware devices. NoldusHub allows for connecting up to two participant stations.

NoldusHub setup two persons  

Privacy and security

The central location of NoldusHub ensures that data is kept safe and protected. Only those with an active account can log in to the NoldusHub server via the web browser. The built-in user management feature grants access to NoldusHub at different user levels.


NoldusHub is a scalable solution

Scalable system

NoldusHub is modular and supports the most modern behavioral recording devices. It can grow with your organization’s demands and needs.

Our services include the design, on-site installation, tailored training courses, fast and reliable support, warranty and free software upgrades with NoldusCare.


Integrating multiple data streams using an AV lab

Are you interested in performing unobtrusive observations in a controlled environment? Then an Audio Video lab might be the tool for you!

In this video we'll tell you all about why an AV lab is a great tool when you want to obtain data out of multiple data streams.


Interested in NoldusHub?

Curious to find out how NoldusHub works and if it's suitable for your research? Contact us now, we'll be happy to answer any questions, or give a demonstration of NoldusHub so you can see it in action.