What's new in NoldusHub?

NoldusHub is your professional turn-key solution for human behavior studies. This integrated system will streamline your multimodal research from start to finish, providing high-quality data, for insights into human behavior and decision-making.

What’s new in NoldusHub

NoldusHub simplifies the process of combining multiple measurements and data sources and provides you with easy overview and access to data streams. Next to an improved user interface and intuitive user experience, the latest release of NoldusHub brings exciting new features:

NoldusHub is the all-in-one research solution for human behavior studies. Streamline your multimodal research from start to finish and get high-quality data and insights into human behavior.

  • Simplifying multimodal research

  • Automated data collection and synchronization

  • Easy overview and access to projects and data streams


NoldusHub two test stations  

Multiple participant stations and test leaders

In the latest version of NoldusHub you can work with two test stations and two participants simultaneously! Setup and record sessions from one or two participants, it all comes with one NoldusHub Core. 

When working with up to multiple test stations, it is now possible to have two test leaders working at the same time. Whether you’re both working on the same project or having two separate sessions: it’s all possible. This saves you – and your colleagues - even more valuable time.


Cognitive Load Algorithm

Managing cognitive load is crucial for optimizing learning and task performance, as excessive load can overwhelm the cognitive system, leading to decreased effectiveness and comprehension. Researchers often study cognitive load to better understand how to design instructional materials and environments that minimize cognitive strain and enhance learning outcomes.

There are several methods available for measuring cognitive load, such as EDM, Heart Rate & Heart Rate Variability, or pupil dilation. With NoldusHub, the new feature of cognitive load is, in fact, based on pupil dilation. While other systems provide measures that you still need to work on, NoldusHub visualizes the workload, immediately corrected for light intensity, during replay. No more work for you to calculate the workload!

NoldusHub collects data from a webcam, eye-tracking device and several physiological devices. With these, you can measure a variety of signals and behavioral input

Why measure cognitive load? Changes in the size of a person's pupils in response to cognitive processes such as thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making can provide valuable insights into the cognitive and emotional aspects of human behavior.


Tobii Spark integration

NoldusHub now works with the integrated Tobii Spark screen-based eye tracker, capturing gaze data at 60 Hz. This enables you to easily enhance your human behavior research with data that highlights human attention and intent.


Export Cognitive Load data

NoldusHub provides data files for each recorded modality, including heartbeat, facial expressions, eye tracking, and skin conductance; even the manually added events come in a file. These rich datasets now also include the cognitive load data, enabling you to delve deeper into your research and gain valuable insights.


Online Help Center

Also new in NoldusHub is the Online Help Center. This offers quick and easy information, step-by-step guides, and support for all logged-in users. Find information on how to connect sensors and compatible devices, learn more about algorithms, data explorations and visualizations.

NOLDUSHUB: Your data in a heartbeat

Discover how NoldusHub benefits your research and why it is the best multimodal tool for you to use:

  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Synchronization from the start
  • Powerful data visualizations

About NoldusHub

Combining behavioral and physiological responses is crucial for understanding the motivations behind human behavior. After all, you can ask how a person is feeling, but how people say they feel might differ from what the body and facial expressions reveal.

The integration and synchronization process can be quite complex, especially when using multiple stand-alone solutions. This is why we developed NoldusHub! The system is designed with your convenience in mind. It streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus more on analysis and less on the technicalities. Easy to use, time saving, and trustworthy: that’s NoldusHub for you!