Gathering data

TrackLab is the complete solution for your research on spatial behavior.

Gathering data

The software supports researchers in the fields of consumer behavior, education, healthcare, psychology, and many more.

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TrackLab™ is the complete tracking solution for your research on human behavior. Save time on data collection and analysis, and obtain real-time insights into a wide range of spatial behaviors.

  • Rely on highly accurate tracking data for your research

  • Gain insights into social interactions and consumer behavior

  • Easily access, collect, analyze, and visualize your data


Integrated technology

The TrackLab software is integrated with tracking hardware from renowned manufacturers. This complete research solution includes integration of equipment, on-site installation, and training.

Our manufacturers are experienced in making accurate and reliable real-time location systems. Combined with our almost 30 years of experience in developing software tools for behavioral research, TrackLab offers an accurate, state-of-the-art, and versatile solution for your tracking research.


Latest features

TrackLab's most recent update includes multi-sensor tag support for magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, rotation and altimeter data. Learn more about TrackLab in our resources.


Tracking technology

TrackLab comes with a highly accurate Ultra-Wideband (UWB) tracking system. Sensors can be combined to cover large indoor and short-range outdoor areas and the tags are compact, lightweight, and non-intrusive.

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Access to data

Tracking data is stored in your private cloud on the TrackLab server. Here, the data is processed and analyzed. You can access your data from any location, which means you can gain insights in human behavior from the comfort of your office! Find out more about TrackLab's other benefits.


Intuitive software

Easily set up and manage your projects with the intuitive TrackLab software, from data recording to analysis and visualization. To promote security, only the person with administrative rights controls who has access to data.


Schedule your recordings

Start recording a session manually, or plan ahead of time using a calendar-based scheduling tool. This tool allows you to record data only during periods of interest, such as opening hours of a supermarket. This way, gathering data supports a focused and efficient workflow.


Live monitoring

TrackLab allows for the real-time location monitoring of your subjects. The software visualizes individual behavior, so you can immediately locate persons of interest.


Data playback

Play back your recorded data along with the relevant parameters. Choose normal or high playback speed to examine behaviors in detail, and select the time interval of interest to your research.

Recorded data can be played back along with parameter data. Simply select the time interval that you want to review, and play it back at normal or high speed to trace behavioral events that help explain the statistical results.


Data analysis

Find out about all the versatile data visualization and analysis options in the TrackLab software.