Ultra-wideband tracking

Use TrackLab to accurately analyze spatial behavior. You can work with any number of subjects for your research in indoor and short-range outdoor environments.

Ultra-wideband tracking

TrackLab is a tag-based solution, using compact and non-intrusive tags. With these tags, TrackLab can locate subjects with an accuracy of 15 to 25 centimeters.

TrackLab™ is the complete tracking solution for your research on human behavior. Save time on data collection and analysis, and obtain real-time insights into a wide range of spatial behaviors.

  • Rely on highly accurate tracking data for your research

  • Gain insights into social interactions and consumer behavior

  • Easily access, collect, analyze, and visualize your data


Automatic monitoring of behavior

TrackLab offers a complete solution for your tracking research, using highly accurate Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. You can gain behavioral insights in real-time and automatically monitor spatial behaviors, without time-consuming manual observations.


Integrated technology

TrackLab is a complete solution for your tracking research in indoor and short-range outdoor environments. TrackLab includes on-site installation, equipment integration, and training. TrackLab obtains subjects’ locations with UWB tags and sensors, and transfers data to the TrackLab server in real-time. Data can be accessed from any location, which means that you can monitor behavior from the comfort of your office.


Robust ultra-wideband tags

The UWB tags are compact and light (54x40x14 mm, 25 grams). They are non-intrusive and can easily be carried or attached. The tags are robust and come with long-lasting batteries.

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Real-time locations

All location data is obtained using a Real Time Location System (RTLS), combined with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) tags. This technology is highly accurate and reliable, and works in any environment.  The tags send UWB pulses to the sensors and a Time-Difference-of-Arrical (TDoA) technique is used to determine the location of the subjects. The low energy pulses do not cause interferences with other equipment.

UWB tags can be used indoors or in short-range outdoor environments. Sensors can also be combined to cover spaces of any size. For more information on UWB-tracking and other TrackLab features, please visit our Resources page!


Portable set-up

Do you need to collect data in different locations, or be able to move your research equipment quickly? Feel free to contact us about TrackLab’s portable tracking set-up. Or read more about TrackLab's other benefits!

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Data analysis

Find out about all the versatile data visualization and analysis options in the TrackLab software.