Infrared backlights

Many studies require the use of infrared or near-infrared (NIR) light to be able to observe and track animals in a dark environment. NIR backlights specifically are useful to improve contrast for video tracking experiments.

Custom options

We offer a range of standard and custom NIR backlighting options, either built-into the maze or stand-alone. This page shows some examples. Need something specific? Let us know!  

Standard NIR backlight with camera gantry

This is a flexible option that can be used for a range of testing arenas, such as this sociability cage, open fields, or fish tanks. 

Sociability on Infrared-backlit unit
An infrared-backlit unit under the sociability cage creates perfect tracking conditions. 
backlit unit sociability cage
An example of how NIR backlight can improve the contrast for video tracking. 

NIR backlight for side-view tracking

This backlight is designed for side-view tracking of fish, allowing for accurate video tracking of for example shoaling, diving, and bottom dwelling behaviors. 

infrared backlight side view tracking
This set-up is backed by an NIR panel for side-view tracking. 
NIT backlight side view tracking
Contrast differences with normal vs IR lighting. 

Novel tank system

This custom system is equipped an NIR backlight that, depending on the positioning of the box, can be used for either side or top view video tracking.  

Large round open field with NIR backlight

This large (170 cm!) custom open field is also equipped with NIR backlight. Other sizes are available upon request. 

large circular open field IR backlight
Large open field with NIR backlight.
large circular open field IR backlight
This open field is also equipped with a removable wall.