Lab software

Controlled conditions and accurate data recording are key factors that contribute to scientific success. That is why many researchers choose to work in an Observation Lab from Noldus.

Multi-room video and audio recording

With Viso® you can create and synchronize high-definition audio and video recordings from multiple rooms at once. This user-friendly software tool is the perfect recording solution for any lab, including training, simulation, and/or therapy rooms. Viso allows for in sync audio and video recording from up to four cameras per room, immediate debriefing, and video playback. Benefit from the combination of Viso and The Observer XT. Markers, comments, videos, and audio can easily be imported into The Observer XT for analysis, visualization, and presentation. In this way you can turn qualitative data into quantitative results.

Research and analysis software

To manage all data The Observer® XT software is the perfect solution. Due to its excellent integration features, we can arrange labs in such a way that all your devices work perfectly together. Read 18 reasons why The Observer XT is the most powerful intergration platform.

Parent-child interaction research in an observation lab. Unobtrusive observations, controlled conditions, and high-quality video and audio recordings

Software for synchronous recording of video

If you need to record from up to eight cameras, the best tool would be MediaRecorder. It is a software tool that enables synchronous video recordings from up to eight different sources and can be installed in your Observation Lab. Using MediaRecorder enables you to easily record the same scene from different angles. This makes recordings fast and accurate. Synchronization is vital in multimodal research.

Fully integrated

The key to synchronization is integration. Video and audio can be easily integrated with The Observer XT, which makes it a fully integrated package. All data and video material is stored in one database and shown in one software application. N-Linx is the new standard Noldus protocol for integrating systems for behavioral research that ties all data streams together. Benefit from starting up quickly, and get complete insight into the relationships between experimental conditions, facial expressions, physiological responses, and more. With a Noldus lab, comparing across sessions and quantifying behavior is very straightforward.

How to operate the software & hardware

All our labs come complete with installation, training, and support. We make sure you know exactly how to operate your system by not only training you on how to use our software tools, but also by giving advice on different observation methods. If you experience any challenges, our support department is there to help. In short, we help you get the best out of your behavioral research!

Rent a lab

If you need an observation lab for a short period of time, a special course, or a special project, Noldus can offer you a wide range of systems and products for rent.