The Observer XT


  • Easily code behaviors

    The powerful and versatile coding system is designed to speed up your work! It helps to discover behavior patterns, outliers, deviations, or anomalies and to answer all your research questions.

  • Easily integrate multiple data streams

    Get complete insight in behavior and physiology and take advantage of fully integrated equipment. Besides annotation of behavior from video, all types of data, such as facial expressions, eye tracking data, physiological signals, and screen captures can be imported in The Observer XT.

    The Observer XT data integration
  • Synchronization of data simplified

    Synchronization is key to understanding behavior patterns. Perfect sync of all data streams is what you need and is what The Observer XT offers. Moreover, it will cost you a minimum of effort; the system does all the work.

  • Simplify your start/stop actions

    Start and stop other recording devices from The Observer XT with only one click of the button. No more hassles since you don’t need to turn on all different devices one by one.

  • Clear visualization of all data streams

    The Observer XT organizes all your data streams in one clear overview. By visualizing the data streams, you can easily see and present what you have collected. The visualizations can be used as figures in your publication or presentation.

    Observer visualization facereader viso data streams
  • Reliable results and high publication power 

    Using The Observer XT, the GOLD STANDARD for coding and analyzing behavior, will higher the probability that the results of your study will be published in a high impact paper. In nearly 12,000 publications, The Observer XT is cited as thé research tool!

  • Compare observations to avoid bias

    The Observer XT performs reliability analysis by comparing observations by different coders (inter-rater) record by record. The software reports Cohen’s Kappa, along with a listing of agreements and disagreements. 

  • Continually access to raw data

    Access to raw data gives you control over your own data. In addition, the raw data is always available for further custom analysis in your own or other algorithm-based software, for cross-reference.

  • No data gets lost because of the automated back-up

    Your data is always safe because of the automated back-up function of The Observer XT. You don't have to worry about losing valuable information.

  • Import external data - EDF, csv, or txt files

    European Data Format (EDF), csv or txt- files can be imported in The Observer XT quickly and easily and are visualized in sync with your videos. 

  • Easily manage your team's workflow

    The Observer XT supports the entire workflow of your project, from setting up a coding scheme with behaviors, to building an elaborate filter to analyze data. As a result, you are making all the necessary preparations to collect rich and meaningful data.

    Screenshot The Observer XT classroom teacher and teenage student
  • Get extensive support & services

    Achieve maximum return on your investment with NoldusCare. Our service is fast, reliable, and available worldwide. Protect your investment, guarantee project quality and continuity, and experience peace of mind. As a Noldus service we support you in your research with regular visits on site to discuss questions and needs.


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