The Observer XT


  1. User friendly software package

    The Observer XT is an extremely powerful software tool including data integration and analysis and still very user friendly and easy to understand. 

  2. Developed to study time relationships

    Synchronization is the key to understanding behavior patterns. Perfect sync is what researchers expect from Noldus.  

  3. Easily manage your teams workflow

    The Observer XT supports the entire workflow of your project, from setting up a coding scheme with behaviors to building an elaborate filter to analyzing data. As a result, you will be able to make all the necessary preparations to collect rich and meaningful data.

    FaceReader software man with blue shirt
  4. Study facial expressions in combination with other data

    When using FaceReader to automatically classify facial expressions, you can calculate statistics like the mean and maximum classification value for each of the emotions in The Observer XT. In FaceReader defined independent variables, event markers, and stimuli will transfer to The Observer XT with importing log files, making advanced analysis possible.

  5. Simplification of your start/stop actions

    Other recording devices (video/eye trackers/physiological measurement instruments) can be started and stopped from The Observer XT to simplify your recording process.

  6. Great integration with Tobii Pro Lab

    Tobii Pro Lab and The Observer XT can be used together. Easily manage the eye tracking recording in The Observer XT.

  7. Great integration with BIOPAC AcqKnowledge 

    Communication between BIOPAC AcqKnowledge and The Observer XT now makes use of the Noldus network communication protocol N-Linx. This simplifies start and stop of physiological data acquisition and synchronization with the Event Log in The Observer XT.

    physiology observer female blue on chair
  8. Add movements patterns into your data mix

    You can combine data gathered with TrackLab with other data streams in The Observer XT for enhanced analysis and visualization. Synchronization is straightforward and fast using our new viewer plugin. TrackLab software is a Noldus product for recognition and analysis of spatial behavior and the design of interactive systems.

  9. Import EDF files 

    European Data Format (EDF) files can now be imported in The Observer XT quickly and easily and are visualized in sync with your videos. EDF is a simple and flexible format for the exchange and storage of multichannel biological and physiological signals.

  10. UX lab features included - add screen capture technology 

    You can use digital screen capture technology to capture the test computer's screen. Then, combine this screen capture with videos and other data in The Observer XT.

  11. Smart visualization of all data streams

    The Observer XT organizes all of your data streams in one clear overview. By visualizing the data streams, you can easily see what you are collecting.

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