Flexible audio and video recording software that fits your needs. Easily record the same scene from different angles, in sync.

Why use it?

  • Easy to use.
  • Accurate synchronization.
  • High quality recordings at HD in MP4 format.
  • Record videos with or without sound. 
  • Easily copy external displays.
  • Capture the full computer screen on which MediaRecorder is installed.

Media Recorder

How does it work?

MediaRecorder enables synchronous video recordings from up to eight different video and audio sources at a time. Compatible with both The Observer XT and FaceReader, and a broad range of cameras, it is the ideal recording tool.

Observation room

Who uses it?

You can use the MediaRecorder as a stand-alone tool, or can run it on your computer in the lab, at home, or in a classroom to record, combine, and file your video recordings.

Media Recorder