• Video tracking software


EthoVision XT is a video tracking software platform to build your experiments on, and serves as a versatile and scalable solution at the core of your lab. It is easy to use, and over 2000 sites use and publish with it.

Video tracking

During video tracking, EthoVision XT recognizes your zebrafish (adult, larva or embryo) from a live video feed or video file and is able to track its movement and activity. This can be done from a top or side view and in containers of any size, from a well in a well-plate to a large aquarium. In adult fish, EthoVision XT can track the center point, head, and tail. Larva movement and activity can also be monitored in detail.


You can easily adjust the arena definition to specifically match your well-plate.


Video tracking data contains abundant information, and a large set of data selection options and parameters is at your disposal to get you the measurements you need. 

Platform for fully integrated setups

EthoVision XT also offers a platform for fully integrated setups. Are you using lights to mimic a day-night cycle in a DanioVision Observation Chamber or with another set-up? Are you interested in using light or sound stimuli? Colored lighting? Optogenetics? You can easily program and control these from within the software, enabling you to make sure the timing is perfect, choose whether you want to turn stimuli on and off at certain time points, or react to a certain behavior or (in)activity of your zebrafish.

EthoVision XT is a software tool that can be bought seperately, in combination with a zebrafish maze, or as part of the DanioVision total solution. 

For more in depth information about EthoVision XT, please visit www.ethovision.com or find recent publications on the EthoVision XT reference page.

Customer story

Dr. Christina Semeniuk, associate professor at the University of Windsor, is studying the behaviors of multiple fresh water fish species in the Great Lakes. EthoVision XT is helping her lab with reliability.