What's new?

Viso® is our user-friendly software suite for audio and video recording, debriefing, and playback. With Viso, you can create recordings of video, audio, and computer screens in multiple rooms at once. Record from up to four IP cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom or stationary) per room to provide you with the video material you need.

Help people learn

Are you interested in creating a state-of-the-art-video recording facility? Since video feedback is critical to objective performance assessment, Viso can be beneficial in any lab or educational setting that seeks to instruct, train, and improve its counselors, employees and students. With Noldus solutions, you will gain the insight you need into processes, human performance, and communication.

What’s new?

The new version of Viso includes the add-on User Management module, which allows for sophisticated, yet easy user management. This module serves four different kinds of users:

  1. Technician: is able to export, rename, and delete files, start/stop recordings, and make marker lists. The technician also takes care of location management, user management, upgrading, and assigning roles to users.
  2. Administrator: has the same options as the technician, except for the location management, user management, and upgrading.
  3. Trainer: can export, rename, and delete only his/her own files, in addition to being able to start/stop his/her own recordings and make marker lists.
  4. Trainees: can only access recordings after being invited; then, they are able to view the session and to log events.

To ensure privacy, a user login is required before the system can be used. Each user has his/her own Dashboard that supplies the user with up-to-date information about invited sessions, recorded sessions, and more.

Combining Viso and The Observer XT

Interested in furthering your research? Benefit from the combination of Viso and The Observer XT®, the professional and user-friendly software package for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data. At the click of a button, markers, comments, videos, and audio recorded in Viso can easily be imported into The Observer XT, synchronized onto a single timeline. With N-Linx, the new standard protocol for integrating systems for behavioral research, connecting the two systems has never been easier. You can turn your qualitative data into quantitative results!

Easy to use

Expand the system based on your needs! Whether you are working in three, six or twenty rooms, we can find a solution for you. Use the software’s push-to-talk button to communicate directly with trainees or colleagues in a recording room. Quickly intervene or provide extra instructions. An additional feature of Viso lets you start and stop recordings in different rooms independently from one another, thus allowing multiple researchers to use the system at the same time, even for different projects. After recording with Viso, you will have videos with markers and comments immediately available for debriefing.

Presentation view

Teachers can use the Presentation view to show a selection of videos on a big screen. To keep the audience unbiased, you can simply disable the videos you do not want to show. Scored markers are shown on the primary display but not on the display screen.


  • Highly scalable – depending on your requirements, Viso can be configured for an unlimited number of rooms.
  • Complete control – Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP camera control and a push-to-talk button are embedded into the software for quick communication.
  • Centralized and mobile control – independent recording from multiple rooms using a single software license. The recordings can be controlled from both stationary PCs and mobile devices.
  • Quick debriefing – set markers via a simple key press and add comments at any time.
  • Immediate playback – a live view allows you to see and hear what is happening in any location in real time.
  • Concrete feedback – view synchronized video streams immediately after recording for feedback or discussion with participants. Use the presenter view for educational purposes.
  • Security – the network connection can be protected by creating a private network. 
  • Safe and organized storage – all files will be saved to a predefined location for easy playback.
  • User roles – administration rights, user rights, and guest rights protect access to the video streams.
  • Easy-to-use interface – easily select recordings, add markers, or change list items. 
  • Research and analysis – recordings can be opened in The Observer XT for detailed analysis or exported to any other program of your choice.

Complete system

Viso is the multi-video, multi-room recording suite that includes everything you need to produce a high-quality project. Installation, support, and training are built in to get you started quickly!