Replay & evaluate

Video feedback is key to objective assessment. This makes Viso a perfect solution for education and training facilities, and for evaluating new designs or products. For example, programs that use simulations, carry out mock interviews, test medical or soft skills, or evaluate user experience can all benefit from using Viso for video capture.


Evaluate with video feedback

Evaluate and provide feedback

Debriefing is the process of sharing and discussing information after a training session, meeting, or other event. Debriefing sessions are important because they allow key players to figure out what worked well, what did not, and to share ideas for improvements. Questions such as “What happened?”, or “How effective were the skills that were used?” can be addressed.


Customer quote

"Viso allows to focus on what really matters: 
providing students with feedback on their skills and practices."

George Brown Centre for Health Sciences|Toronto, Canada


Annotations appear in the timeline

In Viso, events of interest appear both in the event log and in a graphical timeline. In this timeline, see at a glance what behaviors are annotated. What went right? Where are improvements needed? Browse through the video, synchronized to the timeline, and see exactly what happened. Use the filter option to select a particular person or event of interest. With the “next marker” button, move quickly through the timeline.

Easily jump back to events of interest during debriefing

Play back and debrief quickly

The videos recorded in Viso are immediately available for debriefing. With the playback interval functionality, you can define the number of seconds (delay) to start playing back the video before a marked event actually starts. Easily jump from event to event to see and discuss the highlights.


Increase the learning experience during debriefing

Presentation view during debriefing

During debriefing, you can use the Presentation view to show recorded videos on a different screen. In Presentation view, only videos are shown, not the timeline or the event table. This allows to remain focused on the displayed videos, and not be distracted by annotated events. This will increase the learning experience.


Remote viewing & control with Viso Web App

Increase the flexibility of your AV recording tool with the Viso Web App! Start and stop recordings remotely, and view live video streams and play back recorded sessions anywhere and on any device, such as iPhones and iPads. 

It allows you to join sessions from outside of the Viso lab and to involve stakeholders, allowing them to join the session from their own desk.

Remote viewing with the Viso Web App


Combine The Observer XT and Viso for detailed analysis

Combining Viso and The Observer XT

Benefit from combining Viso and The Observer® XT - the standard in behavioral research software. Markers, remarks, videos, and audio can easily be imported into The Observer XT for more detailed analysis, visualization, and presentation. In this way you can turn qualitative data into quantitative results.

With The Observer XT’s reliability analysis, compare annotations made by different users (inter-rater reliability) or from one user (intra-rater reliability). The annotations are compared marker by marker; The Observer XT reports Cohen’s Kappa, along with a list of agreements and disagreements between users.