Research on insects

From detailed behavioral observations to automatically tracking their movement: Noldus has the solution for your insect research. 

Field study

Observing insects in their natural habitat is essential for the understanding of their basic biology and ecology - their behavior is strongly influenced by environmental conditions such as wind direction and vegetation. A field-based approach can include recording videos to analyze later, or using a handheld to score behaviors while you are in the field.


Lab study

When you are using insects to study the effect of synthetic or plant compounds on searching, foraging, and oviposition behavior, a laboratory gives you the ability to manipulate experimental conditions and to establish stock cultures. Observational software The Observer XT allows you to score in great detail, especially when recording experiments on video. 


Automatic tracking

When you are interested in the location, movement, and activity of insects in a certain arena, then video tracking offers you a very effecient way of getting this information, automatically. Whether it is the activity of insect larvae or the movement towards or from certain chemicals, video tracking software EthoVision XT offers you a great range of parameters for your study.