The Observer XT

Gathering data with The Observer XT

After set-up, The Observer XT is ready to make detailed observations. Examine the behaviors in depth by creating coding schemes and combining data from different sources.

Observational research

Everyone is unique; everyone behaves differently. What better way to explain someone's behavior than by observing that person? Postures, movements, nonverbal and verbal behavior - all can be observed. Knowing what motivates people, why they do what they do, and how they respond to influences around them will lead to improvements in terms of quality of life. It is all about the details which you can gather using The Observer XT.

The Observer XT is the most complete software for behavioral research. Supporting you from coding behaviors on a timeline and unraveling the sequence of events to integrating different data modalities in a complete lab.

  • Code behaviors in a quantitative way and visualize them on a timeline

  • Automatically synchronize multiple data streams

  • Calculate statistics and assess reliability


Visualization of parent-child observation

Code behaviors accurately

Designing a coding scheme is a crucial step in behavioral research. The coding scheme is the actual measuring instrument. The Observer XT® guides you through the process of building a coding scheme. For example, if you want to add behaviors, the software instantly shows you what kind of results you can expect. While coding, you can use shortcut key codes to keep up the speed. The time of each code is recorded automatically and errors are prevented by an online check. 

In The Observer XT you can use both time (instantaneous) sampling and continuous recording as sample methods.


Free white paper

7 tips to set up a coding scheme

A scheme for behavioral coding is the actual measuring instrument. However, setting up a coding scheme is not as straightforward as it may seem. It often requires quite some thinking to define the perfect scheme for behavioral coding.

In this free white paper, we will explain the basics of behavioral coding and how to set up a coding scheme. Moreover, we present several examples of studies that used a scheme for behavioral coding as a tool.


Customer quote

"The Observer XT has helped me capture children's natural behaviors in an unobtrusive manner and this has added value to the behavioral interpretations I could draw. This tool is best suited for observational research where subjects can be observed without their awareness, which adds to the authenticity of findings. It is easy to use and gives data that can well be statistically analyzed."

Prof. Mayuri|Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, India


Work with video and audio

The use of video adds great flexibility to behavioral studies. It allows you to make detailed observations and frame accurate descriptions of fast moving phenomena.

Use the playback functions to easily position the video, play it back at different speeds, play it frame by frame, and play multiple videos at the same time. Of course, all data play in sync. You can set a loop in the video and audio files to code this episode in great detail, or use the quick review button to take a small step back in the video. After the observation, you can easily create a video highlights clip. 

With The Observer XT, you can combine data from different sources in your observation. The Observer XT is compatible with Viso and MediaRecorder.

Visualization of doctor-patient interaction

Data integration made easy

In The Observer XT overt behavior and physiological responses can be studied together. Synchronization is guaranteed by using The Observer XT. Sections of the physiological data correlating with interesting behaviors can be exported for further analysis.

This animation shows you the options the software offers, such as integration with Tobii eye trackers and BIOPAC physiological measurement systems.


Code on the go

Imagine children on a playground, customers in a busy supermarket, or visitors in a museum. They are constantly on the move and you need to observe them unobtrusively. In these situations, Pocket Observer is the ideal solution to code behavior. 

With Pocket Observer, you can record observational data in great detail. And, Pocket Observer makes data coding easy with its user-friendly interface.

Observing children behavior with Pocket Observer

What a coding scheme looks like

Code live or view the video and code behaviors accurately from re-playing the video. Check out the coding scheme below to get an idea of how this works in the software. Note that you can also code, edit, or add comments in Chinese, Russian, and Japanese characters.

A coding scheme created in The Observer XT  

Coder licenses

A Coder License is the ideal solution for when you need to work with several people on one research project. Several observers can work on a project at the same time using The Observer XT Coder License, which allows for coding and visualization only. After all behaviors are coded, you can collect the observations in your main project with a full license of The Observer XT and perform data selection, visualization, and analysis. 

  • Cost-effective
  • Work together on a research project
  • Save time and resources
  • Score behavior live on the spot
  • Use the read-only project to score pre-recorded video
  • Maintain control of the collected data