The Observer XT

Set up your lab with The Observer XT

Good and thorough preparations will provide you with better data and will save you time in the end. Together with our experienced scientific sales consultants, you can design the research setup you need. Select your hardware, get to know the software, and design a coding scheme.

Design your own lab

Get off to a good start and decide on the following: add-on modules to extend the base version, additional hardware such as an eye-tracker or data acquisition system, or additional software such as FaceReader, training needs, and license structure with either a ‘hardware’ license key or a digital ‘software’ license key.

The Observer XT is the most complete software for behavioral research. Supporting you from coding behaviors on a timeline and unraveling the sequence of events to integrating different data modalities in a complete lab.

  • Code behaviors in a quantitative way and visualize them on a timeline

  • Automatically synchronize multiple data streams

  • Calculate statistics and assess reliability

Design your lab

Modules and add-ons

The Base Module of The Observer XT® allows for:

  • study setup and coding scheme design
  • live coding and offline editing
  • general analysis, reliability & lag sequential analysis
  • presentation of behavioral data

Depending on your research needs, you can extend this basic system with different modules such as the Media Module, External Data Module, uLog: the tool to record user-system interactions, uASQ: the questionnaire tool, or the stimulus presentation tool E-Prime.

Design your project

Customer quote

"A powerful tool and a worthwhile investment if you are at all interested in behavioral coding."

Dr. D. Baron|University of Southern California, USA


Hardware and other software

Record the complete picture. The Observer XT has been developed to enable advanced analysis of multimodal data in relation to observational data. This unique feature makes The Observer XT the most complete tool for behavioral research. Add, for example: 

Bitbrain EEG wearable headset

License structure

The Observer XT offers the additional possibility to use a digital software license key instead of a hardware key (USB dongle) to offer you maximum flexibility. To activate the software license key you need an internet connection. Upon activating you can choose between:

  • Fixed license - Use the software on a single designated computer. The license is connected to your computer and can be used without an internet connection.
  • Floating license - Install the software on any computer and use it where and when you want. For example, on the computer in your lab at work and the next day on your laptop at home. For the use of the software, the computers need to be connected to the internet.