The Observer XT and E-Prime

Combined with data acquisition systems, The Observer XT creates a very powerful solution for behavioral research. The Observer XT  is used by over 20,000 professionals all over the world.

E-Prime Professional

E-Prime is the stimulus presentation program widely used in psychological research. E-Prime is primarily used in combination with psychological measurements, because of its millisecond precision of stimulus presentation. This precision is necessary when collecting for example EEG data. It is also used as a program to present questionnaires or in Serial Response Time tasks. The company behind this software package is Psychology Software Tools. They have been delivering innovative solutions for research for 25 years. 

The solution

If you are interested in directly annotating events in The Observer XT based on the presented stimuli, read on! It is this automation which will save a lot of time spent on manually annotating stimuli before being able to run the analysis in The Observer XT. Integration between The Observer XT and E-Prime Professional is the solution. 

  • Start and stop E-Prime software from The Observer XT. 
  • E-prime sends the collected data to The Observer XT instantly after the session. 
  • E-Prime data is visualized as behaviors and modifiers in The Observer XT; including the time at which the stimulus was given, which stimulus it was, and how the participant responded to the stimulus. 

If you want to use The Observer XT in combination with for example FaceReader, an eye tracker, E-Prime and physiological data, this new solution is perfect for you! 

Physiological data is for instance used to look at physiological reactions to stimuli. Show children an angry or happy face and see how they respond. The Observer XT can then be used to record behavioral data in combination with E-Prime and physiological data. Think about the possibilities! For example, when you are interested in seeing what behaviors occur when certain stimuli are given or what effect stimuli have on the behavior and the body, this integration will save a lot of time. With this direct integration, both software programs do the work for you. 


Display for example seven pictures on an eye tracker in random order. In six of the seven pictures a logo is displayed with one letter missing. The seventh picture is a non-altered logo. The presentation of the logos is accompanied by a code that is directly sent from the E-Prime Professional software to The Observer XT. This enables you to record video, collect physiological and eye tracking data, and see which stimulus was given. All actions are synchronized on one time-line and brought together in The Observer XT.

Technical note

Did you know that there is a technical note in which you can find all the information you need to establish communication between The Observer XT and the E-Prime Professional? This communication allows for the collection of data E-Prime and the analysis of E-Prime data in The Observer XT. After reading the note you will be able to:

  • Set up The Observer XT and E-Prime Professional to communicate with each other.
  • Start an observation in The Observer XT and send a command to E-Run to start the experiment.
  • Use The Observer XT to automatically import the E-Prime Professional data.
  • Analyze the E-Prime Professional data in The Observer XT.

Please contact your sales representative for more information. Interested - and are you already using The Observer XT for your research? Please visit the download section, log in, and  download this technical note for free.