uLog™, an add-on module of the The Observer XT, is a tool for monitoring user-system interaction. 

  • Record user-system interaction automatically. 
  • Increase the consistency of user experience observations. 
  • Log Windows applications accurately and in great detail. 
  • Combine uLog and The Observer XT for optimal control, visualization, and analysis options. uLog is an add-on module of The Observer XT.
  • Select data of your choice using the advanced filter function in The Observer XT. 

uLog records keystrokes, scrolls, and mouse clicks (including double clicks), and you can see if special keys like the space bar are clicked, and at what time. On top of this, uLog can record individual characters as well as complete text strings so you can read exactly what your test participant has entered. uLog tells you which applications are active, which menus are used in the user interface, which pages are opened in the web browser, and much more. To avoid misuse, uLog shows an icon to inform the user that keyboard logging is active. The complete list of logging functionality includes:

  • Characters
  • Special keys (e.g. space bar)
  • Key combinations
  • Text strings
  • Mouse clicks
  • Double clicks
  • Mousewheel turns
  • Windows activated
  • MessageBox activated
  • Applications started
  • Applications ended

uLog’s functionality is fully integrated into The Observer XT. Starting and stopping of event logging is automatically synchronized with other observational data, and the event log is imported into your The Observer XT project without any additional steps. Combine these data streams with video and screen captures, and experience a complete analysis of your project data from all angles.