• Training in healthcare

The healthcare industry is an ever-changing field that requires extensive skills and training for its professionals. Different disciplines work together to ensure high quality patient care, and they need to be prepared for the teamwork involved.

Healthcare education

Healthcare education and training is key to improving patient outcomes and ensuring quality of life. A simulation-based training is very suitable for this purpose. It can serve, for example, for hands-on skills training, conducting realistic medical simulations, and test new technologies. A clinical simulation facility reflects the realities encountered in actual care settings. This way, it looks and feels real.

Explainer video - Viso in healthcare

Simulation training software

Viso is the AV solution for you, because it offers you:

  • A self-created set of markers - tag specific points that stand out during training, for example learning goals, and easily jump right to those points in the video.
  • Playback and debrief – the videos are immediately available to provide valuable feedback.
  • Independence of mannequin – practice communication and technical skills with any mannequin, or without a mannequin.
  • A clear and simple interface - easily find what you're looking for and experience an efficient workflow.


Clinical simulation lab

Both medical and nursing students and professionals can benefit of training courses in a clinical simulation lab. With Viso at the core of the lab, students and professionals can practice the following in a safe learning environment:

  • non-technical skills (e.g. CRM, communication, collaboration, team leading, and team building)
  • technical skills (e.g. how to best use medical equipment, prioritizing, critical thinking, decision-making, and situational awareness)
  • quickly giving feedback
  • overseeing the whole situation


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Use a reliable audio/video solution for training and debriefing

A clinical simulation lab contains one, or more, recording rooms and a training/debriefing room. With Viso, a fast transfer from recording to playback for debriefing is always possible. During debriefing, the whole team analyzes the trained situation with the help of the video recordings. The marks, prepared on basis of predefined goals, set in Viso, and made during the training, enable the trainer to move quickly to the scenes that need attention.

A simulation experience can be very intense and full of impressions. Using audio/video recordings during debriefing enables the students and professionals to see and hear what really happened and will lift the healthcare education to a higher level.


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