Synchronous recordings

Data synchronization is vital in multimodal research. Without it, studying time relationships is extremely difficult. The Observer® XT is especially designed to synchronously play-back multiple modalities. Common modalities include video, screen captures, location data, physiological signals, eye tracking data, FaceReader™ data, and of course behavioral data. MediaRecorder or Viso can be used in a big lab set-up for recording audio and video sources. Synchronous recording is guaranteed!

  • Perform superior behavior recording and analysis.
  • Use The Observer XT and keep all your data synchronous.
  • Use MediaRecorder or Viso for synchronous video recording.
  • Get complete insight in behavior and physiology.
  • E-Prime & The Observer XT have a perfect connection.
  • Take advantage of fully integrated equipment.

Physiological data, eye tracking & The Observer XT

With The Observer XT and MediaRecorder you don’t have to worry about data synchronization. Via a permanent link, time information is easily and continuously exchanged between The Observer XT , MediaRecorder, and data acquisition system (from BIOPAC or other partner). The signal is recorded and recognized when the data is imported. This way, you get complete insight into the relationships between behavioral data and physiological responses.

Physiological data collection
Eye tracking technology for research

Integrated lab

Physiological recording hardware allows for the acquisition of EEG, ECG, EMG, blood pressure, skin conductance, and more. Adding these data streams to scored events and video can provide information that will help you to further understand the behavior of participants. Although your test participant may appear to be calm, he or she may be concealing a considerable amount of stress. The Observer XT is the ideal integration platform to create a complete overview – we provide hardware and software combinations to meet your specific needs. Including wireless physiology measurement solutions also ensures greater comfort and freedom of movement for human subjects.

  • Measure EEG, heart rate, skin conductance, and more
  • Study the interplay of events, physiology, and behavior
  • Easy-to-implement solutions
  • Fully in sync with behavioral and eye tracking data from TobiiPro

E-Prime & The Observer XT

If you are interested in directly annotating events in The Observer XT based on the presented stimuli, read on! It is this automation which will save a lot of time spent on manually annotating stimuli before being able to run the analysis in The Observer XT. Integration between The Observer XT and E-Prime Professional is the solution.

TrackLab & The Observer XT

TrackLab software is the new solution or recognition and analysis of spatial behavior and the design of interactive systems.

Practising techniques, communication skills, and teamwork during a simulation of childbirth. The TrackLab software automatically tracks the staff members. Data from TrackLab, physiological measurement systems, and Viso or Media Recorder e.g. can easily be integrated in The Observer XT.

FaceReader & The Observer XT

FaceReader can communicate with The Observer XT using N-Linx, the new standard protocol for integrating systems for behavioral research. With N-Linx you can, for example, easily connect FaceReader and The Observer XT for real time control, synchronization, and data exchange in combination with other applications such as eye trackers or DAQ systems. Read more about FaceReader.

Viso & The Observer XT

Viso is the multi-room, multi-video recording suite. It allows you to place markers and comments. Videos and audio, including the markers and comments, can easily be imported into The Observer XT for analysis, visualization, and presentation. In this way you can turn qualitative data into quantitative results. Read more...

All-sync system

With The Observer XT you can easily keep all your data in sync. Synchronous recording and playing multiple video and data streams may seem straightforward. However, there are numerous technological issues to consider such as delays, clock drift, gaps, a need for reference points, and sampling frequency variation. To make synchronization between video and other data streams easy, The Observer XT allows you to start all your equipment with the press of one button. You can achieve frame accurate synchrony, even in long recordings.


N-Linx is a software library for communication between applications and systems, developed to meet your need for standard communication between system components. N-Linx is the new standard protocol for integrating systems for behavioral research. The main benefits are:

  • Enables easy integration with Noldus systems
  • Flexible and scalable, for example for measurements at multiple locations
  • Robust
  • Fast
  • Supports multiple platforms (Windows, Android)

At this moment a series of Noldus products including FaceReader, Viso, and The Observer XT, are compatible with N-Linx and more will follow. So are tools from other suppliers, including eye trackers, tracking systems, simulators, and data acquisition systems. 

Synchronization, part of our service

When you purchase a Noldus lab, integration and synchronization of all equipment is part of our installation service. You can be sure that your hardware and software will work together, and that all your data is in sync.