Powerful and flexible software for behavioral observation and video analysis

25 May 2011

Offering you a complete solution for behavioral observations, the latest release of Noldus' The Observer XT coding and analysis software is now available. Inspired by you, we fine-tuned The Observer® XT to be faster, easier, and more reliable.

Noldus identified the needs and wishes of The Observer XT users, resulting in a mature product with an improved design. It is so easy to work with that you will save valuable time working with this efficient software.

What is The Observer XT?

  • It is the most powerful software tool available for behavioral observation and video analysis.
  • It is used by over 15,000 professionals around the world, resulting in thousands of scientific publications.
  • It is highly flexible, allowing for easy integration of behavioral coding, video, eye tracking data, physiological data into your research.
  • It is easy, fast, and reliable with a totally re-designed, user-friendly interface and several new functionalities, including a sophisticated template exchange to manage and share your projects.

The Observer XT Coding scheme exchange
A sophisticated template exchange offers you an online database consisting of a large number of templates which you can download and use in The Observer XT 10.5. Try one out today for Free! At the same time, upload your own templates to share with other researchers. A template consists of the coding scheme and project settings.